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Enrichment Programs

First Lutheran stands apart from many public and private schools by offering an extensive program of courses and opportunities that expand student learning and educational experiences beyond the standard curriculum.



Recognizing the importance of reading to a students' academic success, First Lutheran offers programs to help students at all reading levels to strengthen their skills in reading and comprehension.

The online Accelerated Reader (AR) makes independent reading more effective for students in fifth through eighth grades by personalizing reading practice to the individual students' current level. Teachers can monitor, manage and assess students’ independent reading practice skills through the AR program.


First Lutheran teachers provide direction and assistance to students in after-school homework clinics.

Middle School Math

Middle School students needing extra assistance with math coursework can get it after school at weekly, drop-in Math Helps sessions. Students who are interested in advanced opportunities in math may join our MathCounts Team.


Our purpose at First Lutheran includes preparing our students to participate in the world through lives of service and leadership. Students are given opportunities to develop leadership through the school student council (LEAD), by serving as student representatives on the Principal's Advisory Committee and as elected officers in each of the middle school classes.

As a school dedicated to the Christian values of community and service, we teach our students also to discover and accept their responsibility to the greater community. Students participate in special projects and programs, such as weekly chapel offerings, to benefit our neighbors locally and world-wide who are in need and teach students the importance of moral and civic responsibility.


First Lutheran students gain confidence and valuable skills by participating in presentations and performances throughout the year. Valuable lessons in preparation and presentation are learned through annual events:

  • School, county and state Science Fair participation
  • Interscholastic Oratorical Affair speech meet
  • Regional Spelling Bee
  • Christmas and Spring musical
  • Class chapel and worship service presentations
  • Instrumental music performances
  • Math competitions


First Lutheran offers support to students and their families to enrich their educational experience.

  • On-campus library and library staff
  • Daily hot lunch program
  • Online school communications site
  • Dedicated Health Office
  • Before- and after-school care
  • Summer day care program

Our school families and students also benefit from the many resources available through our connection to First Lutheran Church, such as worship services, Vacation Bible School, First Communion, pastoral counseling and community service opportunities.


Students in all grade levels attend a weekly worship service with their classes in the on-campus sanctuary. These services offer meaningful worship in which students hear God's word, get to know First Lutheran's pastors and sing God's praises.

Offerings are received each week at chapel to go to charitable and/or mission endeavors identified by the First Lutheran School student council. Parents are welcome to attend chapel but are asked to sign in with the school office first.


Throughout the school year, First Lutheran students are given the opportunity to expand their classroom learning with educational field trips to local museums, aquariums, special exhibits and more. These trips are designed to supplement the academic curriculum and give students real-life demonstrations of the lessons taught in the classrooms.

Students in fourth through eighth grades also participate in special overnight trips with their classes.

  • Fifth Grade: Outdoor Education at Alpine Conference Center Christian Camp in Arrowhead, Ca.
  • Sixth Grade: Earth/Physical Sciences and Space Technology at AstroCamp in Green Valley Lake, Ca.
  • Seventh Grade: Marine Biology at Catalina Island
  • Eighth Grade: U.S. History at Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas