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Enrichment Curriculum

Students gain a deeper understanding of classroom lessons through an enrichment curriculum in music and art, technology, physical fitness, and Christian principles. Skills mastered in these courses can bolster students' academic performance, while also encouraging their development as well-rounded, accomplished young men and women. Enrichment classes also provide another opportunity for learning for students who have alternative learning styles.


Recognizing the value of music in a child's academic and personal growth, First Lutheran encourages students to develop an understanding and appreciation of music. The music program is designed to enhance academic coursework, teach music and performance fundamentals, foster an appreciation of music and encourage expression through music.

Classroom instruction. Students in developmental kindergarten through sixth grade attend regular music classes to learn basic elements such as melody, rhythm, and harmony. Recorders are introduced in third grade for note-reading and instrumental instruction. In fourth grade, all students learn to play woodwind and string instruments as part of the regular music curriculum. Eighth-grade students gain a greater understanding of music's impact on our history and its power as a universal language through the study of composers from various musical eras and the music and instruments of other cultures.

Performance. Our students in kindergarten through grade eight experience musical theater through three grade-level performances. Children learn solo and choral singing, dramatic presentation, and choreography in these performances, which help build presentation skills and self-confidence.

Worship. All students attend weekly chapel with their classes. Each class is also responsible once every year for preparing the message for a weekly chapel through drama, recitation, dialogue, and music at the direction of the teacher. Students also present a musical offering to the First Lutheran congregation in a church service once each year.

After-school musical programs. After-school and summer classes in musical performance and musical instruments are available through the FLS FirstKids program and Rock the Arts. Students are also invited to experience music and share their musical talents in the youth choir groups through First Lutheran Church. Students in grades five through eight may also participate in the Praise Band, which performs at chapel, or they may play an instrument as a member of the First Lutheran Street Symphony.


Art education is integrated into the daily classroom curriculum to enrich lessons in history, promote creativity and provide an alternate avenue for self-expression. Students are also introduced to artists, their work and artistic techniques through the hands-on Adventures in Art program, and their work is celebrated in an annual art show. Students in 5th through 8th grade participate in weekly art classes that further explore the elements of art and principles of design. Children can also explore the visual arts in after-school classes through the First Kids program.


First Lutheran constantly reviews the meaningful use of technology to improve student learning. Students in First Lutheran’s first through eighth grades receive formal instruction in computer technology in our fully equipped, modern computer lab. Our credentialed Computer instructor teaches students the fundamentals of computer use and word processing and how to create presentations, desktop publishing and graphic design projects. Students also learn how to use computers and other technology safely and responsibly. After eight years of computer instruction, our students are competent in all Microsoft applications, typing and creative use of the computer, which serve as valuable skills at the high school level.

Technology is also incorporated throughout the classroom curriculum. Classrooms are equipped with computers for students to use and digital whiteboard for more interactive participation in learning. Teachers also incorporate the use of iPads as an aid in instruction.


At First Lutheran, we strive to help young learners develop in mind, spirit and body. Our coordinated physical education curriculum is designed to teach students the importance of physical fitness. Twice a week, students attend classes taught by a credentialed physical education teacher who helps students develop athletic skills and good sportsmanship, while building self-confidence and physical fitness. The classes focus on providing skills and knowledge so that students can choose a healthy lifestyle.


Integral to the curriculum at First Lutheran is instruction in Christian ideals, including what it means to be a person of strong moral character. Students study the Bible in classroom lessons, attend chapel each week with their classes and participate in a Sunday worship service each year at First Lutheran Church.