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About Us

We are a learning community for transitional kindergarten through eighth-grade scholars which is dedicated to providing a balanced education that nurtures growth in each child’s academic, social, moral and physical development. As an accredited organization committed to state standards for education, we strive to ensure that each young learner on our campus achieves his or her potential for academic accomplishment.

We also recognize that good grades and high test scores are just one measuring stick for student success, and we hold equally important that our students acquire the skills and knowledge to become intelligent, confident, successful and caring young men and women. More than just preparing students for the next grade level, our strong academic curriculum, innovative instruction and diverse program offerings ensure that our learners experience an “education in equilibrium.” We strive to help our students achieve high academic outcomes, think critically and solve problems intelligently, welcome new ideas and respect differences in others, develop a strong moral and spiritual compass and embrace a healthy attitude and lifestyle.

Academic Success & Life Lessons

Through a broad academic curriculum that exceeds California standards for education at all grade levels, students gain proficiency in core subjects such as math, reading, language arts and science. Student learning is enriched through supplemental curriculum in vocal and instrumental music, physical education, religion, character development and technology.

Lessons are designed to maximize student learning by focusing on comprehension, problem-solving and application of knowledge. Teachers monitor and measure student progress through regular classroom assignments and tests, standardized testing and special projects.

In addition to learning the specific course content, students at First Lutheran are taught skills that can improve their academic outcomes, make their learning experience more meaningful and increase the likelihood of continued success.


Students learn self-discipline through lessons in time management, study skills, organization and appropriate behavior. Through these lessons, children discover the positive consequences of hard work, diligence and effort.


In both the classroom and through a wide range of elective classes, our young people’s curiosity, compassion, experimentation and self-expression is fostered. Students are encouraged to be creative, courageous and fearless in their learning and to ask questions and seek answers.

Self-motivation and cooperation

Through regular opportunities to work independently, cooperatively and competitively, our students learn the value of each. They are encouraged to be self-starters, to be able to work independently and to find motivation and satisfaction within, but also to discover how to build relationships with their peers and adults and how to contribute to a team. Whether it’s as a contributor to a class group project, a teammate on a sports squad or a cast member in one of the musicals, students can gain confidence in working with others.


In the formative years from transitional kindergarten to eighth grade, when children are exploring a world of new ideas and experiences, we provide our young students with a nurturing environment guided by the Christian tenets of faith, compassion and moral character, where they can safely explore new challenges, entertain novel ideas and learn to make intelligent and informed decisions.

Tradition & Innovation

Since the time of Martin Luther, the Lutheran Church has been committed to education. The philosophy and programs at First Lutheran School are built on this tradition, as well as a belief in traditional virtues such as a strong work ethic, responsibility, manners and moral character.

But while we are steeped in tradition, we are not stuck in it. We build on our traditional values by welcoming innovation in teaching strategies and technology. Our teachers introduce concepts using strategies targeted to improve understanding and retention for students of all learning aptitudes. Multidisciplinary instruction incorporates technology, off-campus field trips, projects (practical application), independent and group learning environments with traditional resources to enrich student learning and make learning more meaningful.

Creativity is encouraged everywhere on campus to create an exciting learning environment for our students. Our accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) underscores our commitment at First Lutheran to ongoing evaluation and continuous improvement.

Small School Feeling & Big School Offerings

We strive to offer our students and families a comprehensive educational experience, but not at the expense of personal relationships. Young learners at First Lutheran benefit from a modern campus with updated technology in the classrooms and an extensive menu of enrichment programs that rival larger schools. But our class sizes are like those of smaller schools so that our teachers can help each of their students develop academically, socially, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Our campus is family-centric, and parents are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities for volunteering, fellowship and support. Believing that an active and supportive parent can make the difference to a child’s success at school, we encourage parents to be partners in their child’s school experience.

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