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Middle School (Grades 7 & 8)

Our middle school offers a strong departmentalized academic program that prepares our graduates for success at the high school level.

In Language Arts, the curriculum for middle school forms a foundation for effective communication. Students learn to construct meaning through reading, listening, writing, speaking and inquiring.

In Science, concepts are reinforced through practical labs, allowing students to gain a deeper understanding by applying knowledge in real situations. To further enrich their science curriculum, the seventh-grade classes spend five days at Catalina Island Marine Institute studying marine biology.

Our middle school students continue to advance their mastery of math concepts through courses in integrated math through Algebra.

Eighth-graders at First Lutheran are immersed in our nation's history, exploring the period from the European exploration through the Civil War and reconstruction of the South. Emphasis is placed on the Revolutionary War and the birth of the U.S. Constitution, and the 20th century World Wars, the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War are introduced in preparation for a 10-day class trip to the national's capital and surrounding areas. Lessons learned throughout the year become more memorable during the trip, which is an experience that students remember long after they leave First Lutheran.

Our middle school program also focuses on helping students build confidence in social situations and to develop as leaders and contributing members of society. Middle school students participate on the LEAD student council and Principal's Advisory Committee.

The well-balanced education and breadth of experiences during their time at First Lutheran prepares our middle school students for the academic and social challenges at the secondary level. First Lutheran graduates successfully transition to meeting the demands of private and public high school programs.