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Mission, Vision & Values


First Lutheran School exists to provide affordable, high-quality education and experiences so that our students, their families and our employees may

  • Discover and nurture a love of learning
  • Deepen in faith and character
  • Develop their potential as confident, caring and capable people

We strive to inspire the people around us through education, example and experiences to reach their potential to lead happy, healthy and meaningful lives.


It is our vision at First Lutheran School to be the model in the South Bay for delivering

  • Academic excellence
  • Faith-based education
  • Real-world support for the people we serve

Core Values


We greet people, ideas and situations with open arms and open hearts, accepting them with respect and without condemnation or prejudice.


We live in the confidence and gratitude for God’s infinite forgiveness and goodness. Likewise, we strive to pay these gifts forward in being kind, good and forgiving.


We seek to be sensitive to the needs of individuals and communities in our world. Where there is suffering, we work to alleviate it through understanding, empathy, and action. Where there is joy, we readily join in the celebration of others’ happiness.


We value imagination and expression. All in our community are encouraged to live dynamically, pursuing continual improvement through original and worthwhile contributions.


We resolve not to shrink in the face of adversity or uncertainty, but to face challenges physical and moral with fortitude and strength of character.


In everything we do and believe, we aim to be consistent with and true to our core values. We are committed to being truthful, trustworthy, and consistent in character in our actions, principles, expectations, and outcomes.